NRG Company Presentation

BI Group and Murad Buildings
Presentation by BI Group and Murad Buildings of joint development company NRG
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Congress Hall
  • Press conference
  • Presentation
  • Light show
  • Smart Home Exhibition of Achievements
  • Immersive Experience
The objective of the event by Murad Buildings and BI Group was to draw public attention to their new NRG joint company, and demonstrate the benefits of the partnership between the two companies.

Particular attention was paid to the advantages of the facilities, such as modern design, innovative smart home technologies, high quality materials and comfortable living conditions. It was important to attract an audience interested in buying such real estate and to tell about the advantages offered by the partnership of two major developers of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
  • Area
    Selection and rental of a suitable venue for the event, taking into account the requirements needed.
  • Technical coordination
    Perform technical coordination for the installation of lighting, sound, projection equipment, special effects and controlled lift system. Organize simultaneous translation, including streaming of the event to the Internet.
  • Zones
    Organize registration of participants, catering, photo zones using AR and 3D decorations, as well as a full-scale model of the apartment, to familiarize guests with the possibilities of the "smart home".
  • Scenery
    Build a full-scale apartment with spectacular glass walls in the lobby, as well as a cutaway apartment on stage where actors will recreate the life of a family. Organize a light show for dynamism and emotionality of the event.
  • Safety
    Ensuring the safety and comfort of participants, including the organization of medical care, compliance with fire safety rules, and access control.
  • Atmosphere
    Create a unique visual and audio atmosphere that matches the scale and theme of the event, using the latest technologies and innovative solutions.
  • Organization
    Organize a team of staff including coordinators, technicians, photographers, immersive theater actors and ensure the high quality of their work.
  • Analysis
    Analyze the results of the activity to determine the effectiveness of the goals and objectives achieved.
Unique Present Media Holding
Head Office
  • 1800 guests

    NRG 2020 presentation became the event of the year in Tashkent, bringing together more than 1800 invited guests from the world of business, politics, culture and education.

  • First

    For the first time in Uzbekistan, through the efforts of local specialists, a light show was developed using TIME-CODE technologies.

  • 4 tons

    Controlled (smart) hoists were brought to Uzbekistan and used to lift the LED display weighing 4 tons.

Our agency has created a unique atmosphere for more than 1800 guests. The light show and immersive theatrical performance generated huge interest.

We built a real apartment in a cross-section on stage, showing how smart home technology is changing the life of a family in different living situations. In the hall, a full-fledged model of an apartment with glass walls was also built, where guests could get acquainted with the advantages of a smart home. To entertain our guests, we have organized photo zones using AR and 360 photo technologies.
  • 01
    The event was attended by high-ranking guests, including the Khokim of Tashkent city — Jahongir Artikhojaev
  • 02
    A real apartment of 100 m² was built in a hall with glass walls, demonstrating the “Smart Home” system
  • 03
    An immersive theatrical program was presented on the stage, accompanying the demonstration of a model of an apartment with glass walls in order to clearly show the advantages of the "Smart Home" concept
NRG received positive feedback from the participants. Guests were able to experience first-hand the benefits and functionality of the smart home, which helped them better understand its potential and capabilities.

As a result of the event, NRG strengthened its reputation as the country's leading developer, using innovative solutions in the construction of houses. We invite you to check out the video that will show the highlights of this unique event.
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