UNESCO Second World Conference

Ministry of Preschool and School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
An event that will demonstrate the country's successes and achievements, show its model for the development of preschool education, share and exchange advanced ideas and experience.
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Congress Hall
  • Press conference
  • Global Forum
  • Online broadcasting of the speakers' speeches
  • Teleconference bridge
To create a comfortable, dynamic and inspiring event platform in the main hall where experts and participants from different countries can share best practices, experiences and knowledge in early childhood care and education.
  • Area
    Designed the layout of the halls and the efficient flow of guests. Provided easy navigation at the event site.
  • Scenery
    Created a concept for the main stage and scenery to match the visual style of the event with technical requirements.
  • Technical coordination
    Developed regulatory documents and carried out technical coordination of the installation of lighting, sound, projection equipment, special effects and simultaneous translation system, including broadcasting the event on the Internet.
  • Atmosphere
    Organized a team of staff, including coordinators, technicians, translators, directors. Ensured the coherence and high quality of their work.
  • Organization
    Created a unique visual and audio atmosphere, corresponding to the scale and theme of the event, using the latest technologies and innovative solutions.
Unique Present Media Holding
Head Office
  • 350 experts

    The conference attracted more than 350 experts from around the world who shared their knowledge and experience in the fields of culture, science, education and technology.

  • 500

    More than 500 square meters of LED displays and various light and sound equipment allowed to create a unique visual picture.

  • 3D mapping

    3D mapping — the latest technology of projecting images onto architectural objects - was a real spectacle for the guests of the event.

Our solution was to develop a detailed plan for organizing the event, where special attention was paid to the careful synchronization of all technical aspects of the stage.

We have taken responsibility for the harmonious operation of multimedia equipment, sound, light, video and other elements to ensure the smooth running of the event at the main stage.
  • 01
    The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan attended the 11th UNESCO World Conference, where the latest developments and innovations in early childhood care and education were presented.
  • 02
    The conference participants had a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in early childhood education, as well as to exchange experiences and share their knowledge.
  • 03
    The conference resulted in the adoption of the final document, the Tashkent Declaration, which will define the international agenda for preschool education until 2030.
The Second World Conference of UNESCO was an impressive event that received positive feedback and attracted the attention of the international community. We are proud of our contribution to the success of the event and were pleased to cooperate with the Ministry of Preschool and School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We invite you to enjoy the video of this exciting event!
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