Presentation of the rebranding of Agrobank

JSCB "Agrobank"
Presentation of the rebranding of JSCB "Agrobank" - the largest commercial bank in Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Exhibition Area "UzExpocentre"
  • Press conference
  • Presentation
  • Creation of innovative boards
Our team was tasked with developing and organizing an event to present the results of the global transformation of the bank, as well as the rebranding done by Artemy Lebedev Studio.

The main goal of the event was to arouse interest and admiration among guests, gain the trust of customers and strengthen the new image of the bank.
  • Area
    Select a site that provides sufficient space for exhibition stands and innovative presentations, as well as efficient guest flow and easy navigation.
  • Scenery
    To create impressive decorations, including the construction of boards, real offices and workspaces of Agrobank after rebranding. To organize light and laser decoration to convey the dynamics and expressiveness of the transformations that have taken place, to evoke realistic sensations and create a unique atmosphere for visitors.
  • Safety
    Rental of necessary materials and equipment, organization of installation and dismantling of boards and stages in accordance with the schedule of the event, control over the quality and safety of installation work.
  • Technical coordination
    Ensure coordination of the installation of exhibition stands and installation of light, sound and laser equipment. Organize an event program with an immersive choreographic performance, with the participation of professional directors and technical directors from Moscow. Also realize directing and live broadcasting on 15 TV channels and internet platforms.
  • Zones
    To create full-scale spaces that allow guests to fully immerse themselves in Agrobank's updated services, feel and capabilities. Add style and intrigue to these elements to ensure that each guest has a memorable and interesting experience. Organize registration of participants, catering and photo zones with exciting 3D decorations.
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  • 500+ guests

    Our team successfully organized the presentation of rebranding of JSCB "Agrobank" - the largest commercial bank in Uzbekistan, which was attended by more than 500 guests.

  • 200 people

    More than 200 people were involved in the preparation of the event, including foreign specialists in directing and editing.

  • 15 TV chanels

    Our efforts were rewarded - the event received extensive media coverage, including 15 TV channels and live streaming on social media.

We presented a set of solutions for the presentation of the rebranding of JSCB Agrobank. Our team found the perfect venue that provided ample space for exhibition booths and innovative presentations, as well as easy navigation for more than 500 guests.

We carried out technical coordination, including the coordination of the installation of stands, the installation of light, sound and laser equipment, as well as the organization of the event program with the participation of more than 200 specialists, a team of talented directors and technical directors from Moscow. The event attracted more than 500 guests and became a real show of innovations and creative ideas.
  • 01
    The presentation of the rebranding of JSCB Agrobank was held as part of the bank's transformation. In his speech, the Chairman of the bank highlited that the rebranding is based on marketing analysis and long-term strategy.
  • 02
    The event was attended by well-known cultural figures, leading entrepreneurs, as well as recognized designer Artemiy Lebedev, which emphasizes the high level of the event itself.
  • 03
    To create a unique atmosphere of the event, we invited outstanding professionals: a team of event directors, a talented broadcast director and an experienced technical director from Moscow.
One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the rebranding and new experience offered by Agrobank. Our goal was to create and convey the bank's updated style so that every guest would have a memorable and engaging experience. We successfully communicated this concept through large-scale spaces - offices and immersive performances, fully immersing guests in the revamped services, experience and features.

We invite you to watch a video of our event to experience its unique atmosphere.
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